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The binturong or bear cat is not a bear or a cat, despite its name. The binturong is a type of large civet. Binturongs are native to Southeast Asia. Binturongs are nocturnal and are often seen in the zoos to sleep on branches. Binturongs are about the size of a large house cat. Most binturongs have long, fluffy tail with small, rounded ears. The binturong is an endangered species in the wild. Below is a video showing a binturong at a zoo.

Other names for the Binturong

Other names for the Binturong include Asian bear cat, Malay civet cat, Palawan bear cat, or bearcat.

Binturong habitat

Binturongs are found in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and on Palawan Island.

Are the binturong endangered?

The binturong is endangered in the wild in many areas. In Southeast Asia, in particular, the decline of the binturong population is evident. The binturong is now an endangered species due to habitat destruction and poaching for use in medicine and as food. In Asia, people have been hunting the binturongs for food and many binturongs are sold in China.

Binturong for sale and binturong breeder

There are a number of binturong breeders and some binturongs for sale. However, since the binturong is on the endangered species list, it is illegal to keep the binturong as pet in most places. Binturongs have been popular as house pets which is contributes to the decline of the binturong population, making binturongs endangered.

Video of the binturong at a zoo